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JTM flat bed machine Series 5A    
Print area 6" x 4"       (150mm x 100mm)
JTM machine Series 76  (specialist initialising machine)
Print area 3" x 2"       (75mm x 50mm)
JTM flat bed machine Series 5 with auto table   
Print area 4.25" x 3"   (106mm x 75mm)

Impress Handimark                   
Print area  3" x 3"      (75mm x 75mm)

We also carry spares and offer repair/servicing facilities.
As we buy & sell a variety of machines and our internal stock can change quite quickly, it's best to contact us for more information about price, condition and availability.

Custom Sprayed  JTM flat bed machine Series 5

Print area 100mm x 75mm (4" x 3")

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