This range of bookmarks is made of simulated leather and split leather.


Simulated Leather

The product is available in 3 regular sizes of tassel type.


Narrow           196mm x 31mm

Wide               229mm x 37mm

Extra Wide     239mm x 43mm


In addition to these bookmarks, we also supply Tail, Shield, Tongue and a Jumbo sized tassel of 240mm x 51mm. Each of these types are available in the full range of colours.

Colours Available - Black, Blue, Red, Green, Tan, Ivory, Burgundy, White, Grey, Yellow, Pink, Purple.

Split Leather

These are available in only three sizes of tassel type:

Narrow          196mm x 31mm

Wide              229mm x 37mm

Extra Wide    239mm x 43mm

Colours Available - Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Burgundy, White.