We supply a range of coasters and placemats made from simulated leather and backed with cork.


We also supply clear plastic (acrylic) coasters with a display area for a double-sided printed paper insert.

Standard Shapes (Simulated Leather Backed With Cork)

  • Small Round (76mm Diameter)

  • Pentagon

  • Square (84mm)

  • Hexagon

  • Octagon

  • Large Round (98mm Diameter)

  • Large Square (97mm)

  • Rectangle (110mm x 90mm)

  • Rectangle (135mm x 96mm)

Special Shapes (Simulated Leather Backed With Cork)

  • House

  • Barrel

  • Mug

  • Oval (102mm x 77mm)

  • Larger Oval (116mm x 72mm)

  • Heart

  • Extra Large Round (108mm Diameter)

  • Double Decker Bus

  • Telephone (Small)

  • Van

  • Telephone (Large)

  • Truck

  • Car

Place Mats (Simulated Leather Backed With Cork)

  • Size One (194mm x 148mm)

  • Size Two (230mm x 187mm)

  • Size Three (251mm x 187mm)

  • Size Four (290mm x 222mm)

  • Size Five (240mm x 200mm)

  • Round (228mm diameter)

  • Oval (286mm x 225mm)

  • A3 (420mm x 297mm)

Plastic (Acrylic) Coasters - Clear Perspex

  • 56mm diameter

  • 75mm diameter

  • 81mm diameter

Top: non-slip simulated leather surface

Bottom: high quality cork