Our aim is to offer customers a personal service, whether their requirement is large or small (We do not stipulate minimum orders as a general policy).


Hot foil printing, often referred to as gold blocking is a method of marking onto such substrates as plastics, leathers, wood, paper/card etc using heat and pressure.


It is a well known fact that in the industry it can be challenging for the new comer. There is a lot to learn. This is where Foil & Tool have the necessary knowledge, experience and patience to help customers. There are many choices of foils which have different compatibilities with many varying substrates.


Hot foil printing has much to offer as there are a wide range of finishes. We have metallic foils with a range of colours. There are gloss and matt pigment colours along with holographic, toner (sublimation) foils to name a few.


We supply magnesium dies, coppier die, brass dies and also brass and steel type, 'Make Readies' and printable products.


We are proud that we have such a broad range of customers. We work with large international brands to provide top of the range quality products.


Our customers are both local and national and of recent years we support the growing area of the hobbyist/enthusiast.


Please note that some of our foils will multitask, but please do not think that an all-round exists, so be prepared to build up several different types of foils as you move forward into the wonderful arena of hot foil printing.


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